Please join us in our effort to keep Big Arbor Vitae Lake beautiful today and in the future.  You can help make a difference.  The standard membership year is from July 1st through June 30th.  We offer three (3) different levels of Membership to allow members the flexibility to do more if they so choose.  The three (3) levels of membership are as follows:

– $50.00 One (1) year family membership, Loon Level

– $100.00 One (1) year family membership, Musky Level

– $200.00 One (1) year family membership, Eagle Level

All lake users and interested parties are welcome to join our Association to help keep Big Arbor Vitae Lake the best it can be.

Donations including those above and beyond the membership amount are always welcome and are tax deductible at the State and Federal level.  Please remember to always check with your tax advisor to verify your deductibility.

Membership / Dues

Membership carries with it the benefit of receiving the latest updates via email and the opportunity to attend our meetings held during the year.  Additional benefits include knowing you are supporting an organization that promotes positive solutions to lake issues on Big Arbor Vitae Lake.

– Click on the link below, complete the form, and mail to the address shown with your check payable to Big Arbor Vitae Lake Association.  Membership runs from July 1st through June 30th each year and must be renewed annually.

Please click the link on the right for Big Arbor Vitae Lake Association, Inc. Bylaws.  >>> Bylaws Click Here <<<

Membership Form, < please click here

A very special thank you, to all the supporters making Big Arbor Vitae Lake Association, Inc. possible.  Thank you for all you do! 

BAVLA 2022 Membership


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